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Modern data ecosystems are complex! Data pipelines are built up of so many disparate and disconnected tools and technologies for data integration, data warehousing, data science and data reporting. Troubleshooting during operational challenges takes place in silos and only on part of the data pipeline, causing data downtime and loss in productivity for both business users consuming the data and IT users supporting data ecosystems.

Pantomath is a data observability and traceability tool for supporting end-to-end data operations across complex data ecosystems, with the goal of improving data uptime & availability, increasing productivity for enterprises with less operations fire drills and offering cost saving opportunities with reduced operational support needs.

With Pantomath you can instantly detect operational challenges through real-time alerts, troubleshoot them with a single-view into the connected pipeline across several data verticals to quickly identify the root-cause, and resolve issues with the ability to test and run the entire data pipeline with the click of a button!

We want to empower Site Reliability Engineers and Data Engineers to resolve issues without escalations and dependencies. We care about making operations simpler and demystifying complex data ecosystems. By creating the industry’s easiest-to-use and configure data observability and traceability platform, we ensure operational stability and data availability across the enterprise.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to offer enterprises a seamless and automated data operations experience.

Our mission is to enable enterprises to support and improve end-to-end data operations across complex data ecosystems with our innovative technology, strong partnerships and a customer-centric approach.



Steve Singh

Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group

Former Chairman & CEO of Concur

Former Chairman & CEO of Docker

Josh James

CEO & Founder of Domo

Former Chairman & CEO of Omniture

Gokul Rajaram

Board Member of Pinterest, Coinbase, Course Hero, and RetailMeNot

Former Product Director of Facebook and Google

Aaron Skonnard

CEO & Co-Founder of Pluralsight

Larry Augustin

VP at Amazon Web Services

Former CEO of SugarCRM

Narayan Surabhi

President & Co-Founder of VNDLY

Board of Directors

Somesh Headshots

Somesh Saxena

CEO and Founder


Shashank Saxena

Chairman and Advisor


Mike Brown

Managing Partner of Bowery Capital


Nick Efstratis

Managing Director, Epic Ventures